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MATTHEW 26:17 // Reboot – Final supper

History pours again in its ritualistic expectation, But word and action explode to hope in shared imagination. While betrayal drips scarlet denials of empty refutation, Thankfulness is served at this festal inauguration.

Watch; memory breathes to light with words of transformation, Past passes to future in reality of realisation, Flesh and blood, bread and wine, this substantiation, Then the sacrificial song rises with promise of recreation.

Denial and betrayal and life/death confrontation. Promise of, “forever” lands, in missed point conversation. And then the prayer begins in utter, blood sweat, desperation, Crescendos to obedient surrender: hurt, dishonour, death and separation.

Spirit soars. Rises to comfort at the pain filled comprehension. Spirit soar. Spirit. Soar. Soar to beautiful consolation. Watch the history-maker redefine all manmade expectation, The Word will act. Will pour out hope in crimson flood oblation.

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