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MATTHEW 9:35 // Reboot – The more

Caught and delighted in His wake Invited to compassion’s ache Sight restoration, Freedom incantation Voice found, life abounds Every sickness, every disease Multitude come Multitude healed. Still multitudes more came.

Didn’t know when he said, “pray for more” Didn’t know we’d be ‘the more’ On us anointing he would pour Would give us voice; would give the roar To cast out more Cast out impure To heal and raise and to restore. Life and liberty to the poor Didn’t know we’d be ‘the more’

Still caught and delighted in his wake Filled with compassions ache We went out Were sent out. Poured ourselves out.

Pray for more, for sure But be prepared to be ‘the more’ Anointed, be the roar.

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