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1From Apostle Paul to the church in Rome.

My life is surrendered to Christ Jesus who has called me out and called me up. I live willingly, delightedly, entirely enslaved to Him. My all is abandoned to Christ Jesus, who has set me apart to be His. And now I am marked by and for the Gospel of God; 2the good news promised throughout the whole of history, proclaimed through his mighty men and women by word and deed and guaranteed in the most sacred writings of inspired scripture. Those words and actions trailing through all creation through all time speak of Father God, the Spirit and the Son.

3Good news: the heritage of the Son proves his kingship; He is a son of King David. 4Good news: the life, death and resurrection of the Son prove his kingship; he is the Son of Yahweh. Jesus Christ is our king.

5Good news: through Him we are lavished with undeserved riches with unending kindness and abounding goodness. Through Him we are called up and sent out to bring all peoples into the joy of his kingship. Through him we continue in words and deeds of proclamation that enslave the whole of creation into wonder filled joyful abandon to the King.

6And so, I write to you church; you are called, you are invited to belong; to be His. 7You are a people loved by Father God. You are a people called out and called up to become all you could ever be; Holy and enslaved to the King.

I speak undeserved riches, unending kindness, abounding goodness and peace to you from the source of all that is good; from Father God and our King; Jesus Christ.

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