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I wondered what would happen if all companies existed for the 'verygood' of the people it employs and serves. I'm aware that 'verygood' isn't a word - but I wonder if it should be?
If it will be?

Here's the story.
Well January, you happened. 
Everyone is getting fudge for Christmas ... sorry if you don't like fudge :)

*UPDATE* Turns out everyone does like fudge. So that's good. Except my vegan family - who would like it ... but will need to wait for me to perfect my vegan recipe to find out!
So as to give focus, 2022 will be the year 'it' happens or doesn't.
Can I build a fudge company from scratch?
A company that is 'verygood'?
A company where the workers and the shoppers share an equal joy.
Here's the challenge. Let's see ...
I need to learn how to make fudge.
Follow me on instagram @jasonhuffadine to see how that has been going! 
My children and friends have been positive - they were even 'kind' about the vegan fudge! That may yet become a thing? 
My wife (Scottish) continually reminds me ... "It's not tablet!" Having spent half term in Scotland ... tablet may also have to become a phudj thing.Oh yes - it's phudj - 'verygood' fudge
Memories of fudge - happy memories
I'm going to open a fudge shop - that's a surprise ... to me!
There is a distinct joy that I feel whenever I step into a fudge shop.
It happened again today. But this time that sugary-holiday-joy-of-discovery collided with 'verygood'.