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I wondered what would happen if all companies existed for the 'verygood' of the people it employs and serves. I'm aware that 'verygood' isn't a word - but I wonder if it should be?
If it will be?

Here's the story.
Everyone is getting fudge for Christmas ... sorry if you don't like fudge :)
So as to give focus, 2022 will be the year 'it' happens or doesn't.
Can I build a fudge company from scratch?
A company that is 'verygood'?
A company where the workers and the shoppers share an equal joy.
Here's the challenge. Let's see ...
I need to learn how to make fudge.
Follow me on instagram @jasonhuffadine to see how that has been going! 
My children and friends have been positive - they were even 'kind' about the vegan fudge! That may yet become a thing? 
My wife (Scottish) continually reminds me ... "It's not tablet!" Having spent half term in Scotland ... tablet may also have to become a phudj thing.Oh yes - it's phudj - 'verygood' fudge
Memories of fudge - happy memories
I'm going to open a fudge shop - that's a surprise ... to me!
There is a distinct joy that I feel whenever I step into a fudge shop.
It happened again today. But this time that sugary-holiday-joy-of-discovery collided with 'verygood'.