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This is one of the most suprising fudges we make - PHUDJ with a disc of marzipan in the middle and then topped with twelve toasted balls of marzipan. A traditional simnal cake has 11 balls to represent 11 of Jesus' disciples. Judas the twelfth disciple doesn't normally get included because of the obviously bad vibes following his betrayal! But we reckon everyone is welcome. We think this is a theologically sound fudge that tastes amazing!!!


All our fudges start life as the same beautifully simple organic ingredients: cream, sugar and salted butter


These new best friends are 'fudged' using renewable electricity from Ecotricity. Your PHUDJ is then poured into a reusable mould nestled on compostable parchment paper from 'If you care'. Once the ingredients have been added and the fudge is happy we pop your PHUDJ into an endlessly reuseable and recyclable tin.


We're trying to be a 'verygood' as we can. 

Shipping next week
  • Ingredients

    All our fudges are made with Organic double cream, Organic Salted Butter, Billington's organic Golden Caster Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar. We add a squidge of liquid glucose to stop too many sugar crystals forming. Then we add ... wait ... I'm not sure if we can mention the specific eggs that form part of this incredible easter fudge? But they are made of this ... Sugar, milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, dried skimmed milk, dried whey (from milk), vegetable fats (palm, shea), milk  fat, emulsifiers (E442, E476), modified maize and tapioca starch, maltodextrin, colours (anthocyanins, beetroot red, paprika extract, carotenes), flavourings.

    That is way more ingredients than we would ever normally add to our organic fudge ... but it is easter and the little, tiny eggs are ever so friendly.

  • Date of Birth

    The people at PHUDJ don't add use by dates because they don't expect us to last very long once we come to live with you.

    My tin has a date of birth on it and I suggest you eat me within a couple of months. Keep me somewhere cool and dry (don't make it too cold though ... I don't like fridges!)

    Ooo and could you keep my lid on (except when you're eating me!) 

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