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ACTS 1:16c-17 // Shared ministry; worth the cost

concerning Judas, who served as guide for those who arrested Jesus. He was one of our number and shared in our ministry.”

It’s hard to be vulnerable. and when you’ve been betrayed it can fell foolish to have ever been so. Then the next time it’s even harder to be vulnerable. Jesus chose Judas; chose to walk with him for three years and shared himself and his life with a man who would ultimately betray him. Why did Jesus choose him? The area of ‘ministry’ Peter highlights is that of rouge guide – but what else did he do. Probably loads and those hearing Peter speak would have know if all Judas did in sharing in the ministry. This is not an easy or judgemental moment for them. What might have happened if Judas had repented in the same way Peter did following his three denials of Jesus? Perhaps Judas would be with them now.


Who do you share in ministry with? Are you open and vulnerable with them or are there areas of life or service that you keep for yourself? Are there any past hurts or disappointments you need to let go of? Are there any brothers and sisters to whom you feel you should apologise? What is the next step you need to take in restoring or deepening you ministry.


God of the infinite chance forgive me. Help me walk well with those you have chosen to place around me.

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