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I just need to know that you care,

That you are interested,

That you’re there.

But the problem is I’ve set the parameters of knowing,

I’ve dictated how I will be shown,

I’ve wanted to know how I want to know,

And you’re not doing what I want you to do,

What I think you should do.

What ‘my’ God would do … What I would do if I were you.

So I’m stuck.

Either you’re not there,

You don’t care,

Or you’re doing something else.

And I know these thoughts should have a turn point

An axis where it all gets good again, and

I declare some awesome stuff about you …

But right now, I’m stuck.

In this moment, I’m lost.

Is that ok? It doesn’t feel ok.

So I just need to know that you care,

That you’re interested,

That you are there.

So the walls of my God box … torn down.

The list called ‘my God does’ … torn up.

My expectations are restored to factory settings and I’m empty,

I’m waiting.

I still want you to do what my heart longs for,

Breaks for,

Yearns for.

My soul cries “How long O Lord”

Every part cries it,

Weeps it,

Shouts it.

You’re not doing it my way,

So just do it any way;

Show me you’re there,,

Show me you’re interested

Show me you care.



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