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Ps.42 As the deer

As the deer pants for streams of water,

So my soul pants for more of you.

My soul thirsts for more of my God, the living God;

Now and continually my God is with me, meeting with me, and I with him.


Tears of joy are my food day and night.

While people say to me all day long,

“Where is your God?”

I am remembering.

I am pouring out my soul in praise.

I am dwelling in the house of my God, in your presence O God.

I am under your protection; the protection of the Mighty One.

I am shouting joy and praise to you my God.

I am in the festive throng.

My soul cannot be downcast, but

My soul is disturbed for more of you.

So I have put my hope in you again,

And I will praise you continually;

You are my saviour and my God.

My soul cannot be downcast with in me

For I remember you.

Wherever I am, it is as if I’m on a mountain top with a clear view of you.

Deep calls out to deep

And the glorious roar of your waterfalls,

The refreshing waves and breakers

Crash and sweep over me;

Drenching me again, consuming me again, submerging me again.


By day the Lord directs his love

At night his song is with me;

You are the God of my life!

You are God my Rock.

You will never forget me.

There is nothing to mourn.

The enemy cannot oppress me.

My body is alive with you.

The enemy is looking for you,

I know exactly where you are!

My soul cannot be downcast, but

My spirit is disturbed for still more of you.

So I will put my hope in you again,

I will praise you continually;

My saviour and my God.

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