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Storm song

Overarching through this storm; At beginning, and end, and through are your pure-gold-promises to me. Light flashes: illuminating shadows of what has past and what still yet could be, Your voice roars; I wonder in the crack of melody. You are torrential; All around you strip away, strip bare the overgrown, the wasteland. I am uprooted in your words. I fear not. And at the centre of this perfection; of it all: You. And stillness comes. And night sky comes. You close around and fill the empty nothing, the nowhere, the desperate lonely saturation of my heart-cry. And I am not alone. For, piercing through the darkest night, with second half of storm still looming, you blaze a single star of hope. I fix my eye on light while you display yourself in ever expanding galaxy of truth and joy. You flood my horizon, my before and my beyond, You crown my world with diamonds, You drenched my skin in your anointing rain, My very self; cleansed, refreshed, reviving; I am as one struck, for you have lit a resuscitating spark; a fire deep within, Your promises burn in my chest with technicolour certainty.

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