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We think we’re coming to meet with Him,

When in fact He’s coming to meet with us;

Our tentative steps of decision and faith are eclipsed by His running toward us.

We want to tell Him “we love Him”,

So in a deafening barrage of spade like words; of digging, of heaping of straining,

We fill our ears and miss His joy filled refrain, that is, He loves us!

Inside we prostrate ourselves before Him at a reluctant but respectable distance.

And that makes it hard for Him to hug us,

‘cause holding us in a tender embrace isn’t easy if we’re resisting.

We close our eyes and bow our heads,

And He kneels uncomfortably on the floor looking up,

Waiting for us to see the smile he has saved just for us.

Waiting for us to open our eyes and see.

You see,

He desires us; He delights in us

We’ve been living the wrong way around.

We disqualify ourselves,

And father simply asks, “Why?”

“Why would you do that? Do you think my son’s death wasn’t sufficient, wasn’t enough, wasn’t for you?”

We are accepted not because of our doing but because He loves us!

And so rather than just coming to fleetingly ask, we can come and extendedly listen.

There is no room for fear or doubt.

He assures us we are His, and not just in name but reality.

Perfect unity – one with Him.

Not rushing, resting.

He doesn’t desire a mere moment, a Sunday 90 minutes or so.

He is after a whole lifetime, a whole eternity …

And not of us coming to Him, but of allowing Him to come to us.

To constantly be filling us

To drench us

Overwhelm us

Amaze us

To continually embrace us.

You see,

He desires us; He delights in us.



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