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MATTHEW 12:38 // Reboot – One minute

Sixty seconds eye’s blind, Look but never see. Four thousand three twenty – submerged, for a city that couldn’t be, Could it? Forgiven? And now something greater. Eyes blind. You won’t see – four thousand three twenty. Blinded. The southern queen travelled to wisdom, Now greater truth speaks; You listen to the silence? Blind.


Death …

The idea of this poem is that it takes 60 seconds to read. There’s not enough words for it to take that long so in the performance the spaces between the last three words become part of the poem. In the first pause the reader should close their eyes, their breath should be audible to the audience. In the second pause there should be no sound at all. (both of these pauses will last for around 10 seconds. The word ‘death’ is delivered short and on the 60th second.

The reference to 4320 is the number of minutes in three days – both the sign of Jonah and of Jesus are recoded as three day events. 4320 times the length of the poem.

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