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MATTHEW 14:22 // Reboot – Get in to get out

If you want to walk on water you have to get in to the boat. Trust the one who says, “go,” and get in to the boat, in to his purposes and go. Leave the harbour and head to potential wrecking storm. From the midst of that tumult life your eyes. Don’t forget to lift your eyes.

Strain through the night into the morning mist and see, Know his voice and know him there. Trust his never ending word and demand your birthright; to be closer.

Then when he speaks the impossible, get out. Put your full weigh too trust and situation through the sole of your feet and stand. And walk. Keep trusting. Keep looking through the ridiculous impossibility.

To get out, you first need the simple of getting in. It’s time to climb onboard, loosed the rope and sail into all he has for you. Whatever that may be.

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