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MATTHEW 16:13 // Reboot – On this one thought

Who do you say that I am? You see, what you say matters. Not to me, I’m fine, I know who I am. But it matters to you, do you see?

For the greatest narrative shaping, earth quaking, life changing, future making, now and eternity of humankind hangs on this one thought; This one reality … ‘Who do you say I am?’

Every flickering hope light, righteous fire bright, disquiet of the soul and emotion waves that role; rise, or fall on this one thought. Every molecule of being, lumen of seeing, breath worth breathing and moment worth seizing; live, or dies on this one thought Every joy filled eye, heart break cry, word you speak out and roar of your soul shout; flood, or fade in to silence on this one thought … Who do you say that I am?

See it and see nothing stand against me Speak it and leave your cowering corner of safety On this one thought you will rise and soar and mountains will fall Strongholds will fall Lies and deceit will crumble and fall Towers and spires of manmade majesty will fall Spiritual realms and all of creation will bow before the Lord of all.

Who do you say that I am?

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