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MATTHEW 19:1 // Reboot – Divorce

This poem is a response to the Pharisaical attempt to trap Jesus in a theological history. In studying their question and culture it is clear that Jesus corrects their misquoting of scripture and misunderstanding of their God’s intent. His anger is against them, not the people being divorced. Divorce is presented by Jesus as a compassion of God rather than the list of commands and legislation it had been corrupted to. The rules of Moses are a merciful lenience to allow abused spouses to be free from the enduring violence of hate. Jesus reasserts the Godly position as an answer to the violence and corruption of mankind and religion. This poem is an attempt to take hold of the error of abuse inflicted by people who should and could know better and to explore misappropriation of scripture by the foolhardy religious classes of Jesus’ day.

Evil desires vility, Tears flow from that cruelty. Hate burns insidiously Against one’s own, oneself in selfish jealousy. And so compassion must make allowance for such idiocy.

Separation becomes possibility, As lenience is given for safety, In act of sweet mercy; Not a right or command to the lunacy To the despising of lifelong unity.

Still, you can remain in divine civility, For he made concession for your inability. But don’t treat it so, so … liberally. Seek to remain in surrendered humility And if you have to, exit thankfully.

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