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MATTHEW 20:1 // Reboot – Offensively generous

“Too generous?” “Too generous.” “Are you envious?” # silence # “You are, aren’t you; jealous. I understand. But I am EXTRAVAGANT. You knew that about me, didn’t you?” “Yes, but …” “But nothing I just … am. I am unrelentingly generous; to you. You think you deserve what you got? Oh my child!?!”

“I’m going to get what you deserve. Do you see? I’m going to take the hit. And in the place of disgrace I give you honour! I’ll take death and give you life. I’ll take shame and give you abundance!” 

“Too generous?” “Too generous.” “I know; but I am, aren’t I. I am jealous for you. Outrageously generous toward you; and to whoever I choose. So be outraged, be offended if you want, but I can’t be anything other than what I AM.”

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