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MATTHEW 22:46 // Reboot – You could see me

You slam the ever-open door that you are too slothful to enter. You evaporate life-water and pour fire on infant embers. You wear truth so wide you are blind to see; but still lead on. You ostentatate with purity as your tassels hang from faithless neglect. You drink sewage, from champagne flutes. Thirsty, you crush the deer. You crumble to death-bones and rattle in finery of kings. You murder, to fill the festooned tombs you have built.

Self-exalting fallen-fools Self-aggrandising nothings You sit so high you cannot reach the table You answer so loud you cannot hear the question You feel so full you can neither move nor breath Teachers? Teach yourself. Teach yourself this: I AM

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