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MATTHEW 24:1 // Reboot – The end of times

The day is near but not now. Brightest day; enrobed with mourning veil of blackest grief, Darkest night; thrown over with death shade shroud. The greatest and least of stars falling as meteors to pain filled silence. The planets and galaxies shaking with horror of the day. But hold on. Hold breath, that day is yet to come. Rumour and famine and shaken foundation speak it is near. But hold on in the war, it is not now. Wait and watch. I am lightning in the storm of heaven-army sky. I am thunder to brokenness at their trumpet call. Gather to that sound, when it comes. It is near, but it is not now. And no one, but One knows when it will be. You will not expect it. Hold on, hold breath, wait and watch – be ready. It is near, but it is not now.

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