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MATTHEW 8:28 // Reboot – Cast out

Unclean, undone, Unknowingly, unwantingly run. ‘More-than-just-one’ in two men. Meet perfect love.

Rage, rebellion, ricocheted, riled, Power destroying, hating, defiled; They shout out. Know Him without doubt. But will not get out. The More-than-just-one in two men, Meet perfect love.

Fear swells as they face him, time’s up before him, Words are spoken, truths are spoken, “Go” is spoken: That sound unstoppable, force undeniable as multitude of deaths defeated; cast out; destroyed by encounter with one. By perfect love.

Restoration, Renewal, Redemption, Freedom spoken, done. New life for two men with The One. Oh perfect love. Yet still unreceived, unwelcome. The one who casts out; cast out.

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