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MATTHEW 9:14 // Reboot – And he is here

If he is not here – fast: Weep, mourn, tear your clothes, shout and gnash and burn Be shrouded in sackcloth and anointed with ash. Oh, see you’re loved and turn. Till then, flood your eyes till they are empty sore, Abandon hope of rest, of peace of anything anymore. Go on and silence you voice through desperation screams of, “I” Let distortion rage and rule and reign and crush you as you cry. The lack of him so great.

But he is here – see: Throw yourself in sweet humility at the feet of Him Surrender to his beauty and his love and sing Throw off any empty serenade Discard the pointless death parade The joy of him so great.

Look and see and know he’s here – feast Rejoice; sing celebration’s song: Life roars. Know that you are his and he is yours He is life And He is here

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