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Ps.14 Only the fool

Only the fool, could be fooled. The senseless left, in senselessness.

For every receptor and, Neuronal connector whispers, “God.” Shouts and stirs and tastes and sees and senses the hand of, God. Only the fool could ignore, Only the senseless deny, Only the corrupt choose to remain turned away. The evil; frustrated.

While light bursts into a billion colours of life and hope, Symphonies of textured, layered sound touch our hearts; And we breath deep of unending scent filtering through our memory: And we remember. We taste and see and our God is good, And he is forever holding us in perfect love embrace. We feel his presence we know the touch of his rod and staff. We are comforted to a reality that only the senseless could ignore, Only the corrupt deny, Only the fool refuse.

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