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Ps.16 Safe

What safety is this? Not the absence of danger or freedom from pain, Not life without struggling again and again. Not quiet or stillness or serenity calm, Not shelter from anger, the world or harm. Because, I am safe … but I am also alive.

What safety is this? Threat surrounding deliberate-misunderstanding,  Attack of kindness with, “hate,” their campfire song. Innocence violated, spat at, stoned and forgotten. Beauty flogged, discounted martyred and down trodden. You see, I am safe … but I am also alive.

So, what safety is this? Such safety. Beautiful safety that roars through the myre, “Never forgotten, never forsaken!” an ever burning fire. A state of never fully knowing but being always fully known, And walking in step into wherever You lead and never on my own. Oh yes I am safe … because I am alive in you.

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