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Ps.17 Apple of your eye

I see you sitting on the mercy seat held by promise and love. With one hand you pat the space at your side, With the other you say, “Come.” “Come and sit with me.”

I dare not refuse such invitation, such welcome, Dare not remain afar, alone. I smile; as if for the first time. I approach. You lift me up.

We sit together surrounded by angel wings, I see you. And you won’t take your eyes off me, You’ve never blinked, looked away or slumbered. You won’t leave me. You eyes are filled with thoughts and visions of me, of who am really am, And I see myself in the reflection as if for the first time. In the centre of your eye, I am found. In the dark place, flooded with light, I am absorbed.

Day and night you behold me, Day and night I cling to the delight I see. And you cover me in your presence; Sitting with you on your promise and love. Together, on the mercy seat.

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