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Ps.18 Unstoppable

This poem is 50 words long. Each one is a summary-response to the 50 verses of Psalm 18. The idea with the rhythm of the poem is to steadily read each word. Passing from one to another allowing the image to build: and then pause at the end of each portion (marked by a vertical line), take two breaths and consider. The bracketed word at the start of each line is an indication of the focus, the object of, or central character in the portion.

(me to GOD) 001.adoration_002.fortification_003.supplication_|

(my situation) 004.torrential_005.drowning_006.screaming_|

(GOD’s action) 007.earthquake_008.eruption_009.thunderstorm_010.descending_011.skyfull_012.skyfalls_013.roar_014.flaming_015.exposed_|

(my situation) 016.caught_017.lifted_018.preserved_019.held_|

(my situation) 020.held_021.guided_022.walking_023.blameless_024.reward_|

(GOD) 025.unchanging_026.unbending_027.undisputable_028.sustainer_029.enabler_|

(GOD) 030.shield_031.strong_032.strengthener_033.joygiver_034.strength_035.sustainer_036.companion_|

(my situation) 037.sustained_|

(my situation) 038.victory_ 039.pioneer_|

(enemy situation) 040.desolation_ 041.destruction_ 042.detroyed_|

(GOD to me) 043.delivered_|

(my situation) 044.esteemed_ 045.feared_|

(me to GOD) 046.praise_ 047.avenged_ 048.exalted_ 049.praise_|

(GOD) 050.unstoppable_

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