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Ps.19 You love is sweeter

I sit and I watch in sunrise light, Coffee, croissant, summer morning breeze and nothing too much to do today. The evaporating, refreshing rain of the night, the dew of the morning, the song of daybreak, Wrap me in contentment and readiness: for what, I do not know … still, I sit and I watch.

The sun rises further through the cloudless expanse in its daily course, Tipping over treetops to begin a cascade of warmth;  A waterfall of possibility, of life, floods the day. Floods my heart. Life illuminated; awakened in the glory, begins to stir and soar higher.

The continual morning song stirs louder to proclaim,  The ritual call of truth, of the impossible, of hope. Without word all is known and all is seen as I sit and I watch. Creation bursts with heaven-melody as the sun climbs to crescendo love.

The symphony deafens mistake; innocence obscures the broken. Then a bee. A humble bee takes centre stage, and all is silent as I sit and I watch. I tune my mind, my heart, my words to her flight. All but she, blurs to nothing, as I consider; as I meditate of the rhythm of her very own song.

Her simple life-melody joins the song of my garden, Her quiet beat reorders the rhythms of my life, For a moment, her considered dance of necessity and her song catch the breeze. Catch me. I am caught in wonder, in the knowing that, “Your love is sweeter.”

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