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Ps.23 You pour it out

The one above it all is, indeed, the one with me in it all. Walking, talking, guiding, urging, comforting, calling me to soar. And the search of my deepest longing, (in my furthest falling and in my highest climbing) is answered, in his finding me, and my knowing I am found. What more could I long for? Could I need?

In abundance and in famine; In war or peace or any season, in every moment he gives rest. Gives place of sweet refreshing. In drought and flood I drink deep; following flow of life. And pause … linger … lay … And we continue. And in him, I am. I step secure; his song on my lips. I walk secure; his song in my mind. I run secure; his song in my heart.

And together, we run further into pitch black night and still, I am secure. The shadows close around, thick with darkness. We are surrounded. Even to death. Still, I am secure and still, we walk and find a laughter that I could not have expected or known before. The dark, so loud. But his song echoes louder. He leans in, through the fear, and whispers the song in my ear again. So close, so intimate the melody only I can hear, and I breathe again. Sweet comfort.

Oh what a feast of delight he is. What a ravishing of joy he unfurls before me. Like rainbows of ribbon or light falling from your hands; you plant a garden of hope. Plant a carpet of life and abundance. Lavishing truth before me. And it fills me. And I am full. And you fill me still, more. And I run over with delight. I am flooded in your promise. You provision. Your purpose. You pour it out. You pour it out. You pour it out. And enmity is silenced in the profusion of my prodigal God.

And I can’t escape. Can’t flee from your goodness. I can’t out run your ‘knowing me’. I am chased down by your perfect love. Overtaken. Overcome. Overwhelmed. Forever.

The one above it all has carried me through it all and has brought me home.

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