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Ps.32 Covered with ‘forever, whatever’ love

At the end of the day you sit on my bed as you always do. But today I am surprised, wasn’t sure you’d come. I messed up bad. Still, you cover me with you ‘forever, whatever’ love, As my rubbish of today day sits in the way. You chose to be unaware of, or un-affected by its angry presence. You tuck me in behind and before With the blanket of forgiveness you made for me. I am covered. And all my fear of the night is gone. All my concern of tomorrow is gone. I am whole again as you hold me You stroke my head

You sit longer

“I’m sorry,” escapes past my stubborn mind and prideful heart. The words discover themselves from deep within to force their way out with a tear. I twist as the sickness in my soul leaves my guilt ridden form. “I’m sorry Dad. I’m so sorry!” You smile continues as I dare to look to your face And as I wriggle in closer to your embrace I’m aware that the angry divide has stood And is leaving And the weight of its presence closes the door behind it. And we are alone again You rub my back and begin to hum a melody. I breathe deeply to a yawn.

I catch only the first word of your song before I am asleep,  “Deliverance …” 

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