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Ps.42 Steel veins

The hope song in my chest beats hot blood through these steel veins,

But surrounded I can neither sing, nor fight, nor flee;

Wickedness deadens the sound;

completely surrounds;

It has ensnared me,

6 foot underground.


Eyes falter to the darkness

Remembering what shelter and strength and joy have been.

Delights of morning lights the gentle summer breeze.

But I have fallen far.

Fallen from the swathes of happiness; all strength leaves.

Trod under foot; rejection’s dirt alone to breathe.



Promise forgot.

Life done,

Crescendoed into silence.


Yet … springtime comes

Always comes.

And what is this within my chest?

The silence was a pause!

The night; a rest!

Death a mere winter repose to catch tomorrow’s song!


So, fear be buried with me

And there you can remain

As I arise and vindication claim.

Light will come again,

And I will sing creators sweet refrain,

I can already feel the hope beat in these steel veins.

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