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Ps.5 Home

We feel the crunch of broken stone beneath our feet as we pass the boundary gate, We have journeyed through the solstice night and stumbled in its weight. Carried by a promise, each step, one out of open-grave-rebellion and the fall. The rage of thirst; of hate, is silenced by solidity of thickest sanctuary wall.

We journeyed with growing melodies of expectation’s song, Walked with unneeded trepidation lyric. But, with it all along. We have trailed through turmoil, doubt and accusation cries, And now. Now, we see. As we dare to lift our eyes.

We see the dawning sun break through clouds of night malaise. Unworthy? Unwanted? Hopeful procession tempered in density of haze. Yet still, and still the glow of home-light bathes sweet invitation, Assurance of your true-light hope fills us; blinds past situation.

We see. Door unlocked. Wide-open welcome. We run with countless words to speak. Run to certainty as, the steps to embrace, hold our weight, our grief. And you are there. And we are covered. And we are home again.

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